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Full Version: Website Not Updating
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I am having an issue where my website isn't updating after refreshing a couple times. The website updates when I HTML but when I edit the theme is takes a long time to update. Is this like that for a reason or is it an issue?
you have to clear your browser cache. in general after any css changes we hard refresh browser (eg. pressing CTRL + F5 keys)
however if you are referring to forum on a free web host then can't say positive about the forum performance!
It is on a free host at x10. It would have to be the performance because of the host. I use CTRL + F5 every time I refresh when I edit something.
^ simple refresh / reloading the page may be also required sometimes.
style sheets are stored in the database and free web hosts servers are often slow ..
Yeah, I plan on using a paid service as soon as I can.
x10 server is pretty slow for the past couple of weeks now you may sign up at their support forums then seek for help about this issue! This has nothing to do with MyBB forum software. Clearing your cache will make no difference if it doesnt work first try then its your host. I suggest you get paid host its way better also you shouldnt be having any problems like this Smile

Hope i made myself clear and you understood what i said.