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Full Version: use group leaders?
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alright so how can i get 1 (HA) to only have access to a few groups. i don't want them to have administrator (owner) powers and but i want him to be able to move TM, M, SM,A to a group but can't go higher than Admins (he is an SA) he wont have other admin cp permissions. can anyone help?
if you are the super admin, you can define what permissions other admins will have from ACP >> Users & Groups >> Admin Permissions

but what is HA, TM, SM, M, A, SA :huh
If you created user groups you my edit the permissions in ACP. If your saying you made someone admin and you dont want them to have specific admin permissions then you may edit that users permissions by going Admin Permissions...
Okay, you guys didn't understand. Alrighty,
i want to give one of my members admin cp, now i want him to only have access to moving members to certain groups on our forums, i don't want him being able to move himself to owner ect.
Like i said make the user administrator then go admin permissions in ACP.. From there you can set the permissions on what the user can do and not do. Also the user even if you just make him or her admin they cannot make them selfs super admin where they can change your password or make them selfs owner. Smile