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Full Version: Custom icons for defined FID
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I am using Mybb 1.8.3.
I've edited functions_forumlist.php to show custom icons for only pre-defined FID's. It works perfectly, but... it ignores the 'default' values. Instead of default icons (off/on/offlock) I get the 404 error images. It seems to ignore my default reference. <- code <- forum adress
Is there any solution for this ?

modifying MyBB system source files is not recommended.

I'd suggest to modify templates code to display required folder icons
this guidance should work for MyBB 1.8.x , though it was provided for earlier version of MyBB
Actually I do not understand why it could cause any problems.
By the way it is the suggested way to 'custom icons' from the MyBB Polish Support team Wink


This guidance provides custom icons for ALL FID's.
^ suggested guidance can be used for specific forums. blank image may be added for the other forums.
How to do it then ?

If code responsible for icon is looking like this:
<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="images/{$forum['fid']}.png" /></td>

Then how I am able to make any exceptions?
^ suppose you do not need custom images for fid 1, 3, 5
then you can have a 1px x 1px blank image for 1.png, 3.png, 5.png .. etc
I need the custom images for the fids mentioned in the case I've written earlier(there are the main forums on the index page), and also I need the default off/on/offlock images for sub-forums with functions with which they were meant for in the vanilla version.
In mybb 1.8.* are no img tags for forum status, there are classes now.

Code from your site
<span class="forum_status forum_2 ajax_mark_read" title="Dział nie zawiera nowych postów" id="mark_read_2"></span>

Add new classes to global.css and call your images

.forum_2 {
	background: url(images/imageforforum2.png);
Thank you all for the replies Smile
I guess i will do this by editing code for custom thead: <td class="thead_{$forum['fid']} thead_g" colspan="5">.