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Full Version: post_max_size directive
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Hi all

I recently did a clean new install of 1.8, have done very little to the templates (Only forced the legacy postbit, centred the logo and removed the stars) and have only installed 1 plug in for spoilers. Otherwise the forum is as is.

However I am encountering this error a lot and it is causing much grief. I have spoken to my host and the size limit is currently 32m which is much larger than I'd need. They have modified other settings as well and those changes haven't helped.

This is only a problem when I am making a post containing links. I appear to be limited to three links only. I have gone through the board settings and can't seem to find anywhere to increase this limit as I definitely need more than three per post.

Help would definitely be appreciated, Thanks.

Also images displayed from facebook are breaking. I can see them fine in the edit screen but in the post they are just broken image boxes. Any idea how to stop that happening?
if you are referring to posting links to other sites / your own forum then there is no limit anywhere in default MyBB.
if you are referring to adding the attachments then that needs to be checked.
any case, providing forum url & a test user account helps someone to check the issue & suggest possible solution
Hi .m.

Thanks for your reply. It is definitely posting links to other sites and even attempting to index a thread with post links is coming up against a wall. I have attachments turned off.

<- snip ->


Host has resolved the issue.. It was a modsec issue preventing the posting of more than 3 links.

Thanks anyway