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Full Version: Is there a Poll Mod that allows members to input choices?
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Seems like in the default Poll settings, I have to input the option choices..

I'd be more interested in letting my members input their own choices.

Can I accomplish this?

Thanks so much,

could not understand your requirement. thread starter (whoever starts the thread) has the poll option choices.
Ah yes, I see what you mean..

So, I'm hoping to set it in the Admin section that I'm the only one who can start a Poll.

For example, "what is your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood?"

I want to allow members to supply the answers(choices) as no doubt I can't list every restaurant as an option to chose from.

Thanks again..

starting Poll is a group based permission.
admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> click on a group to edit >> Forums and Posts (tab) --> Poll Options

you can keep the option only for the Admin group and remove it for all other groups