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Full Version: Albanian Language for MyBB 1.8
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I've finished my translation in Albanian Language for already 1 week.
Since MyBB has been relased nobody didn't translated MyBB in Albanian Language, so i decided to translate
MyBB in Albanian.
For any suggestions or somethings else, contact me
A thanks goes to .m. Staff user, that helped me in a problem with publishing language.
Thanks !

[Image: 5uD1FjY.jpg]

More Screenshots below :

E perkthyer perfekt, faliminderit.
FLM ArberVR .
Now the Albanian Translation has been added officially to translation list.
flm shum tash do e provoj ne forumin tim. Big GrinD

Thank You Very Much BOSS !
Shume Faleminderit
Kisha nje Sygjerim ne vend te fjales Qkyçu te perdoret fjala Çkyçu.
I understand that this is an old forum, but can someone please tell me the theme for this?

It's perfect for my website design. I' don't need the language translation (although awesome job).

I'm just trying to find the theme.

Thank you
Really, mine showing in process from long. Any idea what the max time it might actually take?

Hahu Smith Vidmate .