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Full Version: Managegroups error
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Detailed description: I am trying to see the page "managegroups.php" but I got this error:

Quote:Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ${ (T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES) or {$ (T_CURLY_OPEN) in C:\xampp\htdocs\mybb_1.8\inc\languages\espanol\managegroup.lang.php on line 67

Url to my forum: It's hosted on localhost before go live but here is a screenshot

[Image: 6c195f74da.jpg]

It's a new installation, no one plugin installed yet.

Hope that's all the information you need.

As attachment I leave the archive.
add "; at the end of the last line in the file - should be like below
Esta invitación caducará en {1} días.";