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Full Version: Move Category Forum above Sub forums.
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As the title says, how would one do the following:

When you make a forum (See screenshot Forum1) As you can see, at the bottom of the page "1 'Gibraltar' Platoon" is at the bottom, I'd like this to appear at the top and the sub-forums appear below the 1 Platoon area,

If possible how would I do this as I cannot seem to find it Sad

Any help is greatly appreciated!


ACP -> Style & Templates -> Templates -> <your theme> Templates -> Forum Display Templates -> forumdisplay

<title>{$mybb->settings['bbname']} - {$foruminfo['name']} </title>
<script type="text/javascript">
	lang.no_new_posts = "{$lang->no_new_posts}";
	lang.click_mark_read = "{$lang->click_mark_read}";
	lang.inline_edit_description = "{$lang->inline_edit_description}";
	lang.post_fetch_error = "{$lang->post_fetch_error}";
// -->
<!-- jeditable (jquery) -->
<script src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/jeditable/jeditable.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/inline_edit.js?ver=1800"></script>
<body id="forums">

Switch the positions of {$subforums} and {$threadslist}.

Thank you! Big Grin Sorry for the late reply too