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Full Version: Registration submit button sometimes is inactive
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First of all, thanks for all the hard work you do on Mybb and for making it available to anyone.

I'm running the latest version of mybb and sometimes, when a user registers on the forum, the submit button becomes inactive. Not sure what exactly is causing this issue.

As a workaround I've noticed that if I go to Tools & Maintenance and do a Optimize Database/Cache Manager(cache rebuild) users are able to register shortly after that.

Not sure if this is a mybb bug or what.

I would really appreciate your input on this!  Blush  Thanks!

If it helps here are some info about my forum:

MyBB Version 1.8.3
PHP Version 5.2.17
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.1.66
SQL Engine MySQLi 5.1.66
forum url is required. are there any plugins which affect user registration page (eg. selecting country ..)
(12-17-2014, 01:27 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]forum url is required. are there any plugins which affect user registration page (eg. selecting country ..)

Sorry, I forgot to include the forum URL.

I don't have any plugins installed. I just did a basic mybb install, nothing else. Thanks for replying and please let me know if I need to add any other info.
registered twice in a short period of time and faced no problem !
Thanks for replying. I've disabled the captcha registration and everything seems to work now.
Not sure if that captcha thing was making that registration submit button inactive sometimes but everyone seems to be able to register now, including you Smile

Again, thanks for all the hard work you guys do! I really love mybb.
captcha should not interfere with registration submit button.

run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of admin panel to find missing / changed files.
ignore files reported from install folder & its subfolders. you have to replace reported files from MyBB source
files pack
of your forum's version. (if you are using Google SEO plugin then do not replace ~/inc/functions.php file)
I've got the same issue here.
And I'm working with default captcha settings.

I think the problem is with the plugin: ProStats
In my case, I disabled and the problem gone.


Ps, I can't send my forum link because my domain still in process of delegation