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Guest's Was Unable To Viewing Any Thread They Face Error With A Message :

The author, has banned you
from this thread, please, for
information, contact him .

Please solve the issue.
can you post list of plugins you are using - have you checked it by disabling the plugins ?
do you use plugin or change guest permission ?
ok wait am posting the list of all installed plugins . When i disable all plugins then the problem was gone .
^ looks like this plugin is the cause => Ban User - Ban a user to view specific thread or forum
The List Of Installed Plugins :
Dvz Shout Box
Ban User
Forum Views
Mybb Safelink
Last Posts From Author
Show Refferal
Last Visitors On Profile
Public Ban Reason
Social Sites
Share This Page
My Profile
Recent Threads
Ajax Forum Stat
Attachment Download Log
HTML in Posts
My Advertisement
My Tags
Vip Membership
View Groups
Custom Status
Team Online
Custom Restriction
Fast Qoute
OUGC Pages
My Bot
My Facebook Connect
OUGC Announcement Bars
Releated Threads
Reputation Levels
User Browsed Topic.