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Full Version: This plugin! That bans IP starting you wish [help]
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What plugin do you call the " BAN IP addresses from your forum you wish starting with IP: 197.8.XX.XX.XX "

Thanks in advance

And also, there are some guy trying to advertise other servers on my forum then when i ban them they changed their IP address via VPN / Hotspot shield / etc. How do i avoid that? Thanks!
use .htaccess file for denying ip.
you dont need a plugin....

ACP >> Configuration >> Banning >> Ban an IP Address >> enter the range you want to ban

however banning a range of IPs is not a good idea imo...
(2014-12-19, 01:33 PM)new1 Wrote: [ -> ]use .htaccess file for denying ip.

Only issue I have that with this you ban them directly from the webpage. If you have another site; such as, a contact page or something they can't reply too you. This is only good if you're trying to ban bots.
Does MyBB's IP banning work with CIDR addresses?

Banning ranges like this seems flawed: 197.8.*.*

Because in a lot of cases, 1 specific range such as - could be owned by a specific Internet Service Provider, while a separate range such as - could be owned by another or even by data centers.

I want to block Data Centers for sure to reduce the usage of proxies & spammers.

I'm not using MyBB's IP banning because of that, it only specifies using asterisks. So I personally stick to using either the .HTACCESS Allow/Deny or the server's firewall.