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Full Version: text editor does not work in mybb 1.8
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appropriate title.

after the latest version update version 1.8, text editor and smilies are not working properly.

how to fix it? 

I have tried with two templates, default and costume (HunterX by Finer) but still does not appear. Sad 

test account:
u: Kontributor
p: asd123
remove jquery.min.js and noconflict code from headerinclude template
is that theme compatible with MyBB 1.8.x ?
Definitely not compatible with 1.8.x. @terzier, using 1.6 themes in 1.8 is not recommended and sooner or later you'll notice more problems than that, for example due to outdated member_register template noone can register on your forum right now because "The system detects them as spammers".
@.m. & @Destroy666
I've tried changing jquery running. but still do not see a solution Huh . other than that, I have problems with the language plus the lack of knowledge about php. themes that I use it is the latest version that I downloaded directly from the website

(12-24-2014, 12:08 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]... for example due to outdated member_register template noone can register on your forum right now because "The system detects them as spammers"....

how to me to fix it?

if you need login admin, will I provide via PM.

I hope Finer reading this thread. want to try to send him via PM on the website directly but I constrained by language Undecided . moreover, is associated with MyBB 1.8 version. because of this problem also occurs with the default template MyBB 1.8.
Same problem... my forum was updated from mybb 1.6 to 1.8 - text bar is not shown

I use mybb 1.8 default theme
It is actually doable to convert a theme from 1.6 to 1.8 but it is NOT for the fainthearted and you will need to check, check, double check, test, check, test....

I think I have mine done - took me a while.
This is the plugins that I installed. partially inactive because it is not compatible. and I have tried deactivating all plugins but does not produce good results.

then you have found the solution?  Undecided

I have tried to check Confused . edit as I can Confused . of course, that these themes can run normally on version 1.8 but due to the constraints of time the work was halted. implore your help, leefish.

if need login admin, will I provide via PM  Undecided
Terzier - use the default theme or a theme for MyBB 1.8.

As a staff member I will of course help with the default theme and issues you run into with the default theme. For custom themes- contact the author or work on it slowly while you run the board on default - or pay someone to convert it for you. Undecided
You can fix the default theme by recreating it:
No, I havent found any solution... @martec ignores support pms for his plugins... sad, but I understand him.
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