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Full Version: add a fixed widget to my index page
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hi i want to add a widget that stay in its place even if we scroll up and down the page
when adding the css attributes to the widget include "position: fixed;" to make it stick to its initial position, even while scrolling....
can you give me aN EXAMPLE PLEASE

i manged to add a floating image to my index page
but i want it to be at the very bottom left


<img src="" alt="Happy new year" style="float:left;width:120px;height:180px;position:fixed;">
(2014-12-29, 08:37 PM)Cleopatra Wrote: [ -> ]but i want it to be at the very bottom left

change the code as below.... that is add a bottom and left attribute to define its position...

<img src="" alt="Happy new year" style="float:left; width:120px; height:180px; position:fixed; bottom: 0; left: 0;">
thank you it worked