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Full Version: 2 Link one forum.
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I have installed mybb forum site :

but i need also display the same forum without redirect the url to

is this possible.

if yes please tell how to do this.
Why would you do this without redirecting? There won't be any positives, your site will only be disliked by Google because of duplicate content:
Thanks you for your suggestion. i will going to redirect and to but still i like to know it possible or not.

Here is some example :

i have created a subdomain and and this 3 like are pointed to same folder "product" so it opening same pages without any redirect or error.

So, if i point this two sub domain and to same folder "forums" then mybb forum works with two link without redirect and without error. it possible.
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Sorry for making nonsense post. But I need a solution for this.

Is any one suggest me.
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@ destroy666 please tell it possible or not, if possible then how.