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Full Version: How to Make Site like with Mybb?
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I'm wondering how I can make a site like with MyBB?

By this I mean that the frontpage has information for what the site is about. Then there are other pages like "Features" "Docs" "Download" etc. Is there a particular plugin for this or is it natively built it? How would I style the pages to look good with minimal CSS knowledge?
These pages are not done with MyBB.
What CMS is it?
We used to use a custom CMS, the MyBB website is now hosted on Github pages. The Community Forums just has a custom theme to feel consistent.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to build a somewhat similar site with Mybb? Smile
MyBB is a forum engine, not a CMS, even if some plugins allows to add custom pages.
I think having an engine doing everything is a bad way, I prefer a good forum engine and a separate good CMS for other contents than only one engine who is bad on all its features.

BTW, having a look on CSS and HTML of non-forum pages can help doing a mybb-site-like.