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Full Version: Code In Total Threads On Side
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I want to show the total threads, and posts of all the forums in the one section.

And I'm not very good a coding, so I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to do this.

A bad draw up of what I'm referring to:
[Image: wqhkxl3.png]

Sorta like this:
[Image: BlIjfLT.png]

I've always ended up finding a solution post here, so I'm hoping I can get some direction again.
Sorta, that's the statics I'm looking for, I'm just not sure how to get it to the side, like I show'd in the image, any idea?
suggested method is for showing total threads & total posts of a category. it can be shown near category description.
I haven't checked it for the sub-forums. if the method works then a new column needs to be inserted to show required counts.
Okay so I did the idea of placing the text in the subforums area.
And I also coded in the category posts instead of the entire forum.
So, I'm good on that, but now.

How should I get the text vertically centered and in the middle, and maybe change the text size.

{$lang->forumbit_category}Total Threads : {$threads} <br>{$lang->forumbit_posts}: {$posts}

The sub forums is just showing where I have it, the bold is what I'm trying to fix.

Could you give me an example on to code those features in correctly?

Image of what I have now:
[Image: akmP5US.png]