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Full Version: Unable to embed Facebook images
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Is it possible to use FB image URLs on MyBB ? I fail to do so. Blush Sad
Paste an example of a link you're trying to use

I think I have a hunch about the error you might be making.
[Image: 10418216_785889428115187_754997323839869...60e521ccb3]

This is not working on my board Sad
i guess FB disabled hot-linking of images..... i just tried this on my 1.6 forum as well as 1.8 test site... not working in both places...not working here as well... it was working before... however embedding the entire FB post works...
Gonna bet they want full posts embedded so that they can track users more across the net.
Thanks guys. Any workarounds ?
The problem isn't caused by Facebook, MyBB 1.8.3 still has the useless outdated word breaking setting which also unintentionally breaks long links/images/spoilers or any other MyCodes. It will be removed in 1.8.4: For now you can change 80 to a much higher value or 0 in ACP -> Configuration -> Posting -> Number of Characters before Word Wrapping Occurs.

Also, please start posting MyBB problems in the correct forums.
Thank you

Changed value to 500. Still no go.
Then it means that either you're additionally using wrong URL or the limit is still too low, as I said it has to be much higher, or 0 will disable it completely. Here's a working image in my random 1.6 testing forum:
Thanks. I just set it 0 and used the image I got from " copy image url " from FB after maximising the post. I have shared the link here. Not working Sad
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