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Full Version: adsense not displaying
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I'm told by users that adsense is not showing on my site, I see it only my7 devices such as pc, mobile laptop can anyone please check and let me know! p.s if its not showing can you also guide me were Ive gone wrong thanks    adsense should be near header and in footer
I can see the AdSense banner. Wink



...but do you have a real problem with your forum or want you only make some advertising ?! Big Grin
Do your users have adblock enabled?
I see the banner in the footer none in the header though.
Everything fine.

The reason for not displaying AdSense in your PC.
1. You may enable ad blocker
2. You may using proxy in your browser
3. You may created new ad unit so it takes a time to display.
thanks all for conrimation! As i mentioned it works for me in header and footer but not for all users.
May be your visitors using ad blocker or proxy.

Anyways you get better help about AdSense from AdSense forum :