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Full Version: Enable signature images again?
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All of our signatures turned into [Image: http://imagelink]

We have 20 images allowed in signatures. Signature images are turned on in settings. What gives? Sad Anyone know how to fix this?
could you check your UCP settings....

Quote:User CP >> Edit Options >> Display images in posts
admin panel setting is at the profile options
admin panel >> configuration >> settings --> profile options --> Allow [img] Code in Signatures
It's turned on, but it still is showing [image: ] Sad

[Image: 0hvGQ5K.png]

[Image: XX8iiPy.png]

[Image: pjH62m9.png]

It only works for super small images like under 100 pixels in height/width.

Okay! So Display images in posts... It seems to be disabled for all 50,000 members too. Looks like I'll need to enable that.
SQL queries if required
ALTER TABLE `mybb_users` CHANGE `showimages` `showimages` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '1';
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `showimages` = '1' WHERE `showimages` = '0';

common SQL queries
thank you! did it for sow video too!
Hi there,

pardon the stupid question, but I really don't know how to run a query...

I went on PhpMyAdmin and run my queries, one at the time, in the box at the bottom of the screen (sorry if the texts are in Italian. It is the one marked "SQL-query sul database autosvez_forum:" )

However, that has not changed anything, as I still see this:

i.e. the signatures are not showing (I am using the default theme for testing this feature).

I have checked the admin panel and the "Allow [img] Code in Signatures" was and still is set to "yes".

Most likely I didn't run the query correctly...
check this thread which explains how to run a sql query in phpmyadmin....
(2015-01-09, 06:33 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: [ -> ]check this thread which explains how to run a sql query in phpmyadmin....

Yes, thanks. I had done that to start with, but I got the following error when I run the first query:

so I thought I didn't do it right.

Checking the database, the table mybb_users does indeed seem to be missing, or perhaps it is some sort of placeholder?
^ your forum uses a different prefix for the database tables.
have a look at the left side column of phpMyAdmin (eg. above screenshot). you can see something like xyz_users
you have to use that xyz_users instead of mybb_users for the SQL queries
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