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Full Version: Weighted Permissions - Group Promotions
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In our gaming community, we have several ranks of officers.

Guild Master
Sr. Officer
Team Leader

I would like to have a system whereby GM, Sr. Officer, Team Leader & Officer's can promote someone to their rank or less.


Guild Masters could promote people to be Guild Master, Sr. Officer, Team Leader, Officer & Member.

Sr. Officers could promote people to Sr. Officer, Team Leader, Officer & Member

Team Leaders could promote anyone to Team Leader, Officers & Member.

Officers could promote people to be Officer & Member.


The problem is right now, I have to let only a few select folks have access to Admin CP to be able to promote folks to certain ranks.


We also have forums setup just for GM's only. But when I have to give some TL's & SO's Admin status it kind of negates the whole permissions.

And some for GM's & Sr. Officers only. Again, Sr. Officers with the ability to use Admin CP also can bypass any group permissions.

Some sort of weighted permission system like there is in Teamspeak would work perfect.

Where, you set a # for a group and then set weights for each permission.

Is there a plugin that will allow me to do this or am I out of luck?

From my knowledge it not possible but not sure, it may be also possible.

Wait for mybb staff reply.
This is not possible within the core of MyBB. You would need to have a plugin coded to add this I believe. However, that may not even be possible in terms of additional acp permissions.
I have a solution, it may take some round up steps but it will fulfill your need upto some extent.

1. Make your Highest ranked officer Group leader in ACP...
ACP >> User & Groups >> Groups >> Your highest rank officer's Group (Guild Master etc..)>> Options >> Group Leaders.

2. Make some specific member group leader.
3. now that specific member will be able to promote (Approve Request) any member to that rank (In above case Guild Master).

But there are few issues with it.
1. It can not be done to default groups like Admin, Moderators, Global moderator etc.. You will need to create new groups and copy permissions from old group. For Example >> create a new group names Guild Master and Copy permissions from Global Moderators (While making new group).
2. It will have all the permission of Global Moderator + You can make above thing work properly.
3. Then you need to adjust "Publicly Joinable Options"

Check - Yes, users can freely join and leave this group
Check - Yes, all new join requests need to be moderated first
Uncheck - Yes, users must be invited in order to join this group
Check - Yes, users can set this group as their display group

Now for user part.
A new user will come and will go to his User CP. Down in group membership he will request to join group membership and then a request will be sent to Leader of that group, Global Moderator / Guild Master. He will approve it and that new user is promoted.

You will need to do it for all the groups and you will need to make multiple group leaders Like Guild Master should be leader of all groups so he can promote / approve all member's request.

Other than this I DO NOT think there is any way to do what you need ^.