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Full Version: ACP Pin option
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Hi, When i installed the forum i used the ACP option (pin) and now i have to use it to login everytime. I cant seem to find a way to turn it off. When i was installing it gave the option to leave blank and not use ACP, so im thinking i should be able to disable it somewhere. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

If you look in your inc/config.php file, comment out the line that starts with $config['acp_pin'].
thankyou kind sir. I wish there was a way to change it. it defaulted to the mysql password which is very hard to remember Sad
You could just change the password to whatever you want.. Uncomment the line and modify the variable value.
thanks destroy666, i dont want to change the password, i just want to remove the need to use the PIN. Or change it to something easyt to remember , but no where in the user console did i see an option to do that. I even looked through the database to see if there was an option to not use it that would stick out at me but i didnt find anything. I will try the config option...
(01-06-2015, 03:52 AM)lewis miller Wrote: [ -> ]i dont want to change the password (...) Or change it to something easyt to remember

You're not making any sense.. Of course I meant that you can change the MySQL password to something else in the $config['acp_pin'] variable.