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Full Version: Request support for tech
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Hello MyBB Staff.

I'm DesT, Forum Tech/Admin of Fanteria dello Spazio which is my actual clan but, i'm here because currently i got stuck on a simple problem.

All the times i try to access to the admin panel of the forum we own, i found the page restrict to me because, some time ago i try to change the language and now it send me to another page whit this actual error:

/home/ehsiagzp/forum/inc/languages/italiano/admin/myshoutbox.lang.php does not exist

Basicaly is telling me there ain't no Italian language for the panel so it redirect as an error,could be a solution for this? or is just a problem of browser?? i'm actualy using firefox

Thank you for your answer

This looks like a plugin which does not have Italian language files. Just place a copy of the English myshoutbox.lang.php file into the Italian language Admin folder, then it works at least but with English text. You can also translate the texts in this file to Italian, of course.


Ad Bakker
Little turtorial? i'm not so expert Big Grin
You have access to the server at which your forum is located?

If yes, go the directory/folder /home/ehsiagzp/forum/inc/languages/english/admin/ and locate the file myshoutbox.lang.php. Duplicate this file (this wil get a name such as  myshoutbox.lang_copy.php or something like that) and move the duplicate to the directory /home/ehsiagzp/forum/inc/languages/italiano/admin/. After that rename it to its original name myshoutbox.lang.php.

That should to the job.


Ad Bakker
is your forum installed from web host panel ? if so, does it have all the language packs ?
I'd suggest to remove all unnecessary language packs

language packs are located at ~/inc/languages folder

language pack consists of a php file with language name and a folder
with that language name (eg. deutch_eu.php file & deutch_eu folder)

unwanted language pack can be removed by deleting both the file
and the folder with the specific language name

most probably you just need a couple of languages (including English (American)) for your forum ..
Everything done, thank you i realy appreciate the support Smile