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Full Version: [F] Notify by email for new PM bug
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When you register on a forum, and uncheck the "Notify me by email when I recieve a new Private Message." checkbox, then finish the registration and go to Edit Options,

Notify me by email when I recieve a new Private Message. is checked, instead of unchecked.

Just thought I'd report. Smile Nothing big, but something! lol
In inc/datahandlers/user.php, find:
		$this->verify_yesno_option($options, 'emailnotify', 'no');
Add after:
		$this->verify_yesno_option($options, 'emailpmnotify', 'no');
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.
Aha! It IS a bug! LOL

but don't you mean

$this->verify_yesno_option($options, 'pmnotify', 'yes');

needs to be

$this->verify_yesno_option($options, 'emailpmnotify', 'no');


Anyway, this is what I did to fix it! Big Grin But I'm so glad it was reported and fixed. Don't know if I would have figured out that the word "email" was missing from that code! LOL