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Full Version: Multiple Reputation For User
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Users can give reputation to the same person multiple times without a delay, is it possible to force them to spread to different users or wait an x amount of days?
admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Reputation --> Allow Multiple Reputation --> select No & save settings
You could also change ACP -> Users & Groups -> [any group] -> Users and Permissions-> Maximum Reputations Allowed Per Day
I'm not sure the 2 replies fixes or accomplish what OP wants.

I believe OP is seeking the vBulletin type reputation system

Where USER A can give USER B multiple reputations, but, USER A first has to give USER B a REP and then he/she  MUST spread reputation around on OTHER USERS ( numbers set in ACP ) first before he/she can give USER B  another rep. ( or wait for a set-time to expire before being able to give USER B another rep. )