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Full Version: can't register after upgrade
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people getting this error

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
  • You did not enter a username. Please enter one.
try reverting member_register template to its original version
didn't give me the option to revert.
So I changed it, saved it.
Then it did give me the option.

I reverted it, tested again, same issue.
when did you upgrade forum and from which version ? have you deactivated plugins before upgrading ?
apart from upgrading have you added any modification recently ..
a couple of weeks ago from 1.6 to 1.8

yes I deactivated all prior to upgrade.

Since upgrade I added tapatalk, mylikes , dark neos thanks
^ would you like to PM me temporary admin account to check it
The problem was this: - you can't enter a hidden field with the same name as the username field.. I changed it.
Many Thanks Smile

It appears that my issue with navigation headers was also fixed whilst you had access. Again, Thanks Smile

was the real field something else in the past?
(2015-01-08, 06:10 PM)snowusa Wrote: [ -> ]was the real field something else in the past?

Of course, otherwise every forum would have broken registration. I think I changed it to the default value, IIRC>