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Full Version: Remove uninstalled plugin table from database
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Can i delete those tables from phpmyadmin backup for which plugin previously installed but still their table still seen in backup even after uninstalled?

have to run query or directly delete table ?? if require query than how??
thank you.

this query help me??? 
ALTER TABLE mybb_users DROP COLUMN next_bday_year

i have about 8 such table table.
Madan had already given that code to help you! which other 8 tables you have like that ?
are you sure that they belong to plugins and plugins files are removed ?

in general, when we deactivate & uninstall plugins their related data is automatically removed from database.
ya..its not removed.
^ well, you can drop all those columns
thanks bro.

i try to drop mybb_thx with below code
ALTER TABLE mybb_users DROP COLUMN mybb_thx

but it show

MySQL said: Documentation

#1091 - Can't DROP 'mybb_thx'; check that column/key exists

pls help

Can i delete that table without running sql query?
directly mark and delet.

pls help guys.

how to remove key?? what is code for that?
^ you can navigate to structure of users table, select the column there and delete it from inline options / bottom commands
thanks bro.

Ohh..One more problem..

i have uninstalled newpoint shop eventhough many template is there in global template..should i remove newpoints_shop_.......templates from global template.
^ yes, you can delete them.
thank you so much....

in my public_html/jscript following file present...what they for? can i delet them?
in fresh my1.6.16 they are not...

^ they are related to themes / plugins. in general, there should be no harm in keeping the files
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