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Full Version: MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded
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Hi, i have bought a theme from a friend, he exported it from mybb 1.6 and sent me xml and images folder, when i import xml (after upload images and jscript folders) but my forum (mybb 1.6.16) gives me this error: MyBB could not find the theme with the file you uploaded. Please check the file is the correct and is not corrupt.

I have tryed with other public themes and they works fine, so i think that is an export bug, is there any admin for send my xml and examine it?

(my directory /cache/themes is chmod 777)
can you tell us exactly which theme you are trying .. you may attach the xml file here
@.m. I'm trying to import this xml (exported from other mybb 1.6 forum)
^ yes, there is a problem with it. I can't check it further right now ..
how it is possible? is a mybb exported theme. How to fix that?
the theme is not complete. it is broken or some templates were deleted before exporting.
The theme is currently working on a website, how can i export correctly him (alternative methods)?
try to export the theme with these settings...

Include customized items only? - NO
Include templates in the export as well? - YES