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Full Version: Add groupimage to showteam.php
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I'm completely new to mybb, and I downloaded a program called xampp and am slowly working/modifying the 1.8 version of mybb with it. My question is, on the showteam.php page it only shows the username.
I would like it to show the groupimage as well.

What it currently looks like: [Image: ce9d761035.png] (Don't worry about the [img] tag on my forum it's for something else I'm removing it)<br />What I can get it to look like by modifying showteam_usergroup_user in "Show Forum Team Templates" code to this:
 <tr><br /><td width="75%" class="{$bgcolor}"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/buddy_{$status}.png" title="{$lang->$status}" alt="{$lang->$status}" style="vertical-align: middle;" /><a href="{$user['profilelink']}"><strong>{$user['username']}</strong></a><br /><img src="{$usergroup['image']}" alt="{$usergroup['title']}" title="{$usergroup['title']}" /><br /><span class="smalltext"><br />	{$user['usertitle']}<br /><br />	{$usergroup['groupimage']}<br />	{$user['userstars']}<br /></span></td><br /><td width="15%" class="{$bgcolor}">{$user['lastvisit']}</td><br /><td width="5%" class="{$bgcolor}"><div class="postbit_buttons">{$emailcode}</div></td><br /><td width="5%" class="{$bgcolor}"><div class="postbit_buttons">{$pmcode}</div></td><br /></tr> 
<br />[Image: c527a7750a.png]<br />[Image: 4ff2f62292.png]<br /><br />(I looked inside the .php file itself but I couldn't see if I even needed to change anything in there.)<br /><br />Its just the user title underneath the username. I'm wondering why the image of the current usergroup I'm in doesn't show up. I only modified this one file. Any help is appreciated. [/img]

bump, for a big forum software such little help ..