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Full Version: [1.8.3] [Not working?] My options menus wont open?
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[Image: Udv0uqh.png]

[Image: bbTRmO8.png]

My plugins are
[Image: lbO2Q33.png]

If anyone can help really appreciate thanks. Big Grin Angel Heart
is it upgraded forum from MyBB 1.6.x and can we have your forum url

have you checked for any missing / changed files ?
run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of admin panel to find missing / changed files.
ignore files reported from install folder & its subfolders. you have to replace reported files from MyBB source
files pack
of your forum's version. (if you are using Google SEO plugin then do not replace ~/inc/functions.php file)
Its on the latest update i think 1.8.3

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[Image: tjHqGdZ.png]

[Image: xIAh23h.png]
^ check for the missing files. some of java script files are not loading
Wasnt that what i was doing in the picture above?
^ well, I haven't seen above edited message.
anyway, if you see this message in next 10 minutes you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP)