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Full Version: mytheme only for admin
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Hi staff,
there is plugin name mytheme which allow user to change theme.
it always present in footer and everyone can change theme from it for personal like.

is it possible that it can be changed only by administrator with theme changer install???

is it possible to add its code in header welcome block of administrator??
thank you.
theme changer facility to Administrators only can be provided by using template conditionals plugin

plugin file needs to be modified to move its code from footer to header section.

first requirement can be easily achieved if you read & understand posts at the template conditionals plugin page

for the second requirement please wait for a generous person to provide the guidance.

or if you can wait for a day then you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files (FTP)
i want to move code to header..
any helper???
As there will be not many admins on a forum. what you can do is
go to Admin CP > User and Groups> search for admin name > Account settings >> scroll down to other options and change the theme there.