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Full Version: MyBB 1.8.3 - User Avatar always incorrect file type
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Hi again,

No matter what file type you try and upload to the forum, it is always rejected as the incorrect file type, with the error:
  • Invalid file type. An uploaded avatar must be in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format.

Any help to overcome this upload error would be appreciated.
Are you using links or uploading the avatar from your computer?
Uploading from the PC
Can you upload the picture to a website such as and paste the link here.
Example wanted avatar here:
Ok so instead of uploading from your computer try this:
(01-20-2015, 12:21 AM)Sneaky_Wabbit Wrote: [ -> ]Ok so instead of uploading from your computer try this:

But what about computer uploaded images?

The image is too big, but it did attempt to upload
Are you sure the file type isn't something weird? Are your forums set up to only accept certain file types?
You probably have remove all attachment types. This is a bug that will be fixed with 1.8.4 (report:
What is the fix for now? All other attachments work fine, it's just the avatar upload that's problematic.

Thanks in advanced.
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