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Full Version: Images Missing
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Hello I am trying to fix my theme I use File zilla that mybb came with but how ever I upload the images I am still missing some Icons is there a certain way to make every icon work.

here is my site.
looks like you are using the Apart 1.6 series theme on a 1.8 installation... the default theme of 1.8 is based on the Apart theme and you can change the color scheme from the Admin CP >> Themes >> Default >> Manage Colors
I do not think that has to do with the icons but I gave it a shot nothing happened Mind joining the site and helping me out a little I tried everything ?
could you try using the default theme and check if the issue persists...
I tried the default still have issues I seen this theme used be for not sure what up I think I am missing a folder called Images in my FTP client when I log into it.

Can anyone join my site please and help me out with some icons still can not get the rest of them please ?
I still have not got my images working can anyone help please.
^ themes have images folder with the theme name. eg. theme named sky should be having its images in sky folder.
that folder needs to be uploaded to images folder of your MyBB files server (like forumLink/images/sky)

see also this theme installation guidance
Ya I checked my FTP File server it does not have a folder called images.
^ images folder should be there. would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP)
Yes please if you can.

Let me pm you really quick.

ok I pm you

that pm is for my log in to my site for admin to let u know.

Let me know if u need anything.

Any Luck ?

Check your pm again for FTP access.
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