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Full Version: Quoting Posts
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Hi everyone.

I was over on the 'Plugin Requests' section of the forum a few days ago, asking if there was a plugin available to assist with selecting multiple posts at once. We had a thread with over 18,000 posts, and this was causing our server load to go through the roof and was hence impacting on the speed of the forum. I didn't get any replies, but I managed to find out how to do it via the forum database itself, so they've been split by month and each thread now has 1,000 or less posts in it.

One of the main issues we were facing was with quoting and making new posts. It was taking up to ten minutes for these posts to go through, yet 'Quick Reply' was working at its usual speed. Despite splitting the threads and now having a significantly lower server load, we are still facing the same issues. What's more is that users can quote using Tapatalk with no difficulties whatsoever, so seems to be myBB related.

Is this a known problem - or is it just me? Does anyone have any idea of a fix?

provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check the issue
do you know the plugins you have in active state which affect threads & posts ..
Hi .m. - thanks for the quick reply.

Not the best time to check now, given that our web host's server load has gone through the roof again (currently sitting at 63), but the details are below nevertheless:
Username - mybbtest
Password - qwerty123

Will check plugins when the forum is usable again, and update accordingly.

In response to the above:

All plugins we have installed are as follows:
- Board Announcements Manager
- Favourite Threads
- HTML in Posts
- Mood Manager
- Social Sites
- Tapatalk
- Thank You/Like System
- View Unread Posts

None of these plugins have been updated over the past week or so when we have been experiencing these issues, nor has our version of myBB. We've been at the latest version of myBB since it was first released.

UPDATE: 20/01/2015 17:17 GMT

Web host has fixed the issue at their end, and the forum is back up now.

There's a section at the bottom of the board entitled 'News & Site Updates', and there is a discussion thread about the downtime we've had and issues we've had with our site host.

Anyone wishing to help, I'd appreciate it if you could test the quoting function in that thread.