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Full Version: use GIF instead of PNG
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I am using a format that has almost all .Gif and all of the redirects on mybb are in .png. how do i fix that issue without changing all of the pictures
I do not understand what you mean by redirects within this context. Could you explain this more comprehensively?
Consider using mod_rewrite in a .htaccess file. I'm not an expert at doing url rewrites though. You might be able to find a tool to do it for your if you search.
well if i goto my website on google chrome and press F12 on a missing picture this shows up... "<img src="" alt="">" but that image is a GIF file not png.. and there are many others that are similar to that
I see you have a new "images/free" directory in which the "nav_bit.png" file is expected. Did you make a change by adding this "free" directory, or was it some plugin? Because the picture "nav_bit.png" is originally located in the "images" directory.

I still do not see the point. When you want to change this to gif pictures, you must also change templates and perhaps even php coding. It is better then to change the pictures to png.
i have a nav_bit.gif, and that's what the theme came with and yes it is also in the images/free directory
OK, but then there are 2 choices. Either you change your .gif into a .png, or you change the template that refers to the .png file.
In this case it does not make much difference because nav_bit.png is only present in template nav_sep_active, but I do not know how that is with other pictures you have.
@Fixer243 looks like you are using MyBB 1.6 version theme on MyBB 1.8 version forum

anyway, you can simply rename gif files as png files by using file manager or ftp client.

btw, can we have your forum url & the theme name
free hacking theme - also how would use the items in the English folder? and my website url is
There is just a few green themes for 1.8 and I dont much care for any of them... Is there anyway that I can transfer this theme to 1.8 maybe instead?