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Full Version: SCEditor not showing in New Thread/Reply pages
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I'm using Quick Advanced Editor Plus (2.1.2) for SCEditor to show in quick reply, but for some reason (with it enabled, disabled or uninstalled) sceditor will not show (in any theme, even default) on the New Thread or New Reply pages.

With Quick Advanced Editor Plus it does still show in the quick reply, but again not new thread/reply pages.

Anybody come across anything similar before?
I checked if it was a theme issue, then realized the same was happening on the default theme, too.
Could you post the link to your forum
testing on WAMP, I never see a point in making anything live before it's done.
For some reason Show the MyCode formatting options on the posting pages. in user options was off for about 50% of members for some reason

Fixed it with

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `showcodebuttons` = '1' WHERE `showcodebuttons` = '0'