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Full Version: Users are not receiving email after registration
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SOME of the users in my site are not getting email when they register to site.
Its like, some people get email and some do not get it. So I searches MyBB in detail and found few things to check.

So here are checks which I performed.
Did the procedure in Help Mail Page

It just showed me this.
Mail was sent by PHP

I also received email on my email address.

Then I checked this.

ACP >> Tools and Maintenance >> System Mail Log >>

I am getting following errors...

MyBB was unable to send the email using the PHP mail() function.

But I need to remind, that not all the users are facing this issue. Only some (random) users are getting this issue and they do not receive email.

Need urgent help on this.

since the test script sends the email, the mail function is working on your forums... you sure the mails are not sent to spam for those users... is this specific to any particular email domains...

check the info regarding restrictions on PHP mail
Make sure for the admin email address you have [email protected] Trying to send an email with a header for a domain it isn't can result in it either not sending or being marked as spam.