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Full Version: mybb created
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yes after i i created a mybb ac

bit 2 problams

1 ,account not cre,ting

Our systems detect that you maybe
aspammer and therefore you have
been deniedregistration. If you feel
this isamistake, please contact the

2 forget paswrd problam

it showing

Internal Server
Theserver encounteredan internal
error ormisconfigurationand was
unable tocompleteyour request.
Please contactthe server
administrator at [email protected] to inform them ofthe
time thiserror occurred, and the
actions you performedjust before
this error.
More informationabout this error
may beavailableinthe server error
is it a fresh installation or upgrade?? what version have you installed??

1. Admin CP >> Configuration >> Stop Forum Spam >> Check Registrations Against >> Set it to No and then try registering

2. do you see that error only on that page?? check if its just a temporary issue and goes away after sometime...
Moved to 1.8 support.
you can seee my site
Try reverting your member_register template back to default.