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Full Version: Style is not editing ?
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hi i made a theme for my forum and now i cant change the style, i mean when i edit the global.css its not changing , i asked someone he said its cloudflare and things like that but its not its been 2 days i edited the style but its not changing, whats wrong with it ? this is my forum:

for example i changed the postbit a little bit like the fieldset color and changed the dots to solid and removed the white border around the avatar it still showing the old style ..

thanks for help
log into cloudflare site and purge your forum's cache.
then visit your forum and hard refresh your browser (eg. press CTRL + F5)

you have to turn on development mode at cloudflare for modifying java scripts & styles of your forum.
what do you mean by cloudflare site you mean my forum ? and where is the purge your forum's cache ?
i tried the Hard Refresh its not working, thanks for help
^ how your forum is added to cloudflare ? there should be a login account for the cloudflare site.
at the cloudflare site you have option to purge all the cache, individual files cache .. etc
lol when i bought the host there was already cloudflare installed on
^ you should be able to purge cloudflare cache through your web host control panel.
contact your web host if you need more details
ok thanks bud i will try it Smile