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Full Version: How to search for all new posts since last visit?
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First, gratitude and respect to all of you who are behind implementing and supporting MyBB!

Second, the MyBB system provides the following commands:

"View New Posts" which in my case equals:


"View Today's Posts" which in my case equals:

What other "action=" are available?

Specifically, is there an option along the lines of =getweekly or =getbiweekly?

Asked differently, let's say one of my forum members last visited a week ago...and he wants to see all the posts that have been submitted since his last visit.  How would he go about bringing up that list?  Better yet, is there an "action=" I could add to my templates that would let him click once and see all such posts?
View New Posts (since last visit) => forumLink/search.php?action=getnew (eg.)

View Today's Posts (last 24 hours) - forumLink/search.php?action=getdaily (eg.)

View last 10 days posts - forumLink/search.php?action=getdaily&days=10 (eg.)
Thanks so much. I really appreciate your prompt reply.