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Full Version: inc/functions.php line-7187
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So after fixing the attachment CHMOD settings. i have came come to 185+ emails saying the exact same thing...

Quote:Type: 2

File: inc/functions.php (Line no. 7187)
fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given
Nothing has been changed. All i did was set the uploads dir to 777
None of those are helping...

Ive tried the following.

Rebuild & Reload all cache
Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails

Still getting the email spams that are up to like 400
^ does your forum has any plugins which affect attachments / uploaded files ?
if so, can you temporarily disable such plugins and check if the issue persists
Well the problems not with attachment.php but with functions.php and no i dont

Edit: Disabled all plugins on my board, still getting the error
^ the error is related to uploaded files (attachments, avatars, plugin files ..)
basically it looks like opened process at server is not closing in correct manner.
So should i ask my provider to kill all the tasks for my website? or will suspending my hosting account via WHM and re-enabling it do the samthing?
^ you can try restarting the server.
Hmm ill put in the request but its a shared box so im not sure how far i will get. Suspending the hosting account and unsuspending it didnt work.
I am not sure that warnings are caused by setting 777 permission for uploads directory.
if that is not allowed (should not be the case) it could be a simple thing to try 755
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