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Full Version: Ask about whos online
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i make some custom page with the code

define("IN_MYBB", 1);
// put correct path to global.php in below line
require_once  'forum/global.php';
echo $headerinclude;
echo "<title>Page Title</title>";
echo $header;

echo 'content here';

echo $footer;

then i try to browsing with 2 browser

account 1 looking for thats page, ex(/page.php)
account 2 looking for whos online

but account 1 doesn't show page.php, but showing filenotfound.php

like this

[Image: qp56yq.jpg]

as u know, i make custom 404 php before,
at this thread

how to fix it, when account 1 open the page.php, it will be showing account 1 has opening page.php at whos online?
I'm not sure whether this solves your problem, but generally the statement for require once is:

require_once "./global.php";
require_once "./global.php";
this code if i put forum into root site
thx for answer btw ^_^

this answer help me, SOLVED
thx ^_^