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Full Version: Move Online/Offline Icon
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Hey, how do I move the offline/online icon on the forums when someone posts?

This is what it currently looks like:

[Image: 6e382bdf168497f1565f184f850d18f8.png]

The green icon is where the icon currently sits and I'd like to move it to the bottom left of the post before "email, PM, Website, Find", so it sits here for example:

[Image: B38nq4u.png]

I'm sure you understand what I mean, so all the things on the bottom left move more over to the right so that the online/offline icon sits there on all posts for all users...
you can move {$post['onlinestatus']} from postbit and postbit_classic templates to wherever you want it within the postbit templates

eg. you can put it at the beginning of below code
You solved this spot on, thank you!

[Image: 2e10e8e504c881546e34f5ed33300a8f.png]