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Full Version: Adding a banner
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My Site:

Please see the attached screenshot:

How would I add a banner to reside behind the two encircled areas?
Also, once made, how can I make it so the banner adjusts to the visitor's screen resolution like my site background does? The logo I already have at the top-left will be replaced by this banner, and thus I've tried making the 4k resolution banner and replaced the logo.png file and using CSS to try to make it do what I want but I feel like I've been attempting to do something improperly.

So, in summary; banner that will adjust to every screen resolution and is only visible at the top of the website behind the Navigation Bar and the Title (the 2 encircled objects in the attachment picture).

Thank you!
add your new banner image and set its width to 100%... then position your ul.topmenu by adding "position: relative;" and a relative "top" value...