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Full Version: How to access my website from mobile?
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I'm going to be making an app soon that uses an internal browser to access my website. I am wondering if it is possible to create a responsive mobile version of my website t under a sub domain. (EG. so my app can access the mobile version of the website, but ONLY the mobile version of the website. I've tried mybb go mobile, and that is the default mobile theme, but I will be giving the app more features that browsing the website on a normal browser won't have. Also, go mobile has some difficulties on some devices. I'm willing to make the mobile version myself, but I don't know how to make it on a subdomain, and not use themes. Or rather, change the default theme on a sub domain, and disallow users from changing their theme to the mobile version. When they are on desktop, and vice versa.

So is there anyway to make a mobile version?
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But this has nothing to do with apps. This question isn't related to the app at all. It's the theme. I want to know how to change the theme via a sub domain.
@Leviathan, this link could be of some use
This would indeed be useful if I was trying to create a mobile version of the website that automatically switched if you were on mobile. But I am trying. To make a separate folder or subdomain that you can access my website from, but no matter what device you are on, it has the mobile style.
To answer the OP's question, myBB does not automatically do this AFAIK. You will need to #1 detect that the user is on a mobile device then #2 go to the myBB mobile theme that you created or obtained. Not sure if anyone has made a myBB mobile theme. Also, it's unclear how to change the theme via link or javascript (where you'd detect the mobile browser/device) and if you can link back to the default style for people on a tablet and just want the regular style.
I'm sure I could edit the pages directly. But is it possible to access the forum from a folder? For instance, if I were to copy the contents of my mybb root folder to /mobi/, could somebody go to /mobi/index.php and still see everything that is made on the regular version, even though they are accessing it from the subject folder?