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Full Version: signature in PM's, sometimes shown and somtimes not shown
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I was observing strange behaviour with signatures already for some time, but could not see a pattern. Now while I was testing some things I noticed the following:

user1 sends a PM to user2, including his signature. When user2 opens his "IN" box and the received PM the message is there with signature, but when user1 looks in his "sent items" box the signature is not there

Then user2 replies to the message of user1 (with quote) and he looks in his "sent items" box, his signature is there. But when user1 looks at the answer, this is without signature.

Looking at the database table "privatemessages" I see the both message twice, one for the "sent items" box of the sender and 1 for the "IN" box of recipient, and for all (4) messages the column "includesig" is equal to 1.

I am confused Huh .

I see now a connection with the discussion about sceditor not opening for some users that I started yesterday. I just notices that sceditor is not opening anymore for user1 in the above example, and when I look at the "showcodebuttons" column of the users table of user1, this is changed to 0. But when I change this back to 1, the signatures are still gone.
Check your templates AL, are you using an edited theme?
No, I am making an own theme by changing some templates. This is primarily to make a minimalized forum with as few options and choices as possible, because it is intended for people who are not used to computers.

How could a mistake/error in templates cause unintended changes in the database?
is this happening only in PMs for user1... can he see the signatures in showthread page (posts)...
Ad, if you have edited the user cp options template then don't remove the fields you don't want available - hide them and set them at a value you want to have.

If you have removed them then on a save to the options page the removed values WILL submit - and possibly in an unchecked state. So it is possible to have users setting options to OFF that you intended to have permanently on and unchangeable.
OK, Thanks.
I will try your suggestions asap.

What do you mean by "hiding" options, I now commented the options that I do not need. And setting these options after hiding, has that to be done in the .php modules?
I just use a css display:none, so it is included in the page but not visible to the user. You can get all the inputs you don't want and put them in one table or div and set that whole table or div to have display none.

The easiest way is to look on the default theme as a new user. If its checked by default then you can just hide it and it will stay checked. If it isn't checked and you want it checked you can try setting the check box to checked in the html.
Ok, this at least solves the unexpected switch of the editor, because I saw the the setting of "showcodebuttons" was changed to 0 after an update of the UserCP of a test user. As I can see now I will solve the settings problem with a simple plugin which is called when do_options is executed.

But this still not solves the signature problem.
did you edit the signature page?or new reply? or new thread? or edit post? all of those have signature settings too.

It doesn't need a plugin - the template edits if done right will be fine. But if your php is stronger than your html/css it might be easier for you.
Thanks, I will check them all and see where the cause is

I think php is more my thing, so I will stick to that Smile . I think can also be easier to check with MyBB updates.
Should have to study CSS better, but I studied all my life and am retired now. Big Grin

Problem solved, for the signatures it was also in the UserCP options form.

Lesson learned Big Grin .

Thanks a lot!!

(2015-01-27, 06:57 PM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]It doesn't need a plugin

Rolleyes Of course you were right, it's always the same wirh me: "Why easy if it can be done difficult".
The hidden inputs for removed optiond in the usercp_options template do the job:

<input type="hidden" name="showsigs" value="1" />
<input type="hidden" name="showcodebuttons" value="1" />
<input type="hidden" name="sourceeditor" value="0" />

Now I'm going to check other forms that I changed. Thanks again!!