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Full Version: How to change the CSS directly?
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So i'm making an app for my forum. I'll be adding a bunch of bootstrap toolbars and jquery sliders, etc. In order to do this, I will be converting a section of the website into an application. I can convert the regular website, but it would be nothing but a browser with no header. So i'll be copying all the main MyBB pages into another subdomain. The trouble is, I need to edit the CSS directly. I need to make it to where it doesn't try to change the theme to the default theme. I need it to stay,no matter what, if you go to that subdomain, it is the one CSS style. It can't be changed automatically or otherwise. To do this, I would like every page to reference the stylesheet that I've made, but only if you go to that subdomain.

Is there anyway to edit the PHP or HTML into referencing the CSS stylesheet I made?