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Full Version: How to extend it into a CMS?
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How can I extend it into a CMS?

1. Is there a facebook login connection?

2. How can I extend it to have customised post page and new custom post fields?

3. and No side panels?
1. facebook login for MyBB forum available through a plugin

2. XThreads plugin can be used to extend the fields & custom post page

3. side panels can be added through a plugin

note: #1 & #3 => MyBB 1.8.x compatible plugins are yet to be made available (officially)
that sidebox plugin is pretty awesome, and the custom field is too
there was a mistake in earlier response regarding facebook login.
please see MyFaceBook connect plugin for MyBB 1.8.x

Thank You @Madhan for rectifying
Is ASB updated for 1.8 ? There is a lot of javascript in the ACP and it is Prototype, not jQuery.
^ no, it is not yet updated ..
should be in core Toungue

btw, Can I add a custom field and filter the posts with it? Toungue