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Full Version: Reputation function broken
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lost reputation function.
Although I have it switched on I don't see the reputation buttons.
latest update did not fix.
All the post bit templates are default with no mods.
Any tips appreciated.
provide a test user account so that someone can check the issue
thankyou I will PM you now..

pm sent with thanks
basically reputation is a group based privilege.

admin panel >> users & groups >> groups --> edit user group --> users and permissions (tab)

--> Reputation System
* Show reputations for users in this group?
* Can give reputations to users?

also set below
* Points to Award/Take Away:
* Maximum Reputations Allowed Per Thread:
* Maximum Reputations Allowed Per Day:

for each user group you have to add reputation related options
oh sorry for the trouble I didn't realise that. Amazing. Thanks so much for your time. Appreciated

yep working now. thanks again. was driving me mad