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Full Version: login issues with moved domain
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i have had reason to move one of my websites from one host to another due to security issues. I havce moved the site to an existing domain and transferred my new domain to the same hosting account

I have tried all combinations of cookie settings etc but cannot get myslf to login.

so the site i moved was and i have forwarded the domain to a folder in

so my godneymoor forum is now in

i have used a masked forward to point to my main site at  this is a wordpress site.

i cannot figure out what my domain path etc should be

i thought it should be
and path should be /forum/

but it just does not work. 
cookie domain =>
cookie path => /godney/forum/

first you can change them in ~/inc/settings.php file and then log into forum admin panel and change there again (site details)

more details => Login & Logout issues - Cookie guidance
i did all that like you said as i have moved other forums in the past but for some weird reason it just would not take. Anyway thanks for the help i decided to stop being a tight lime and bought some hosting for the domain (whats 2.99 a month anyway)

appreciate the help though.