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Full Version: Where are all of the IP addresses?
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A couple of weeks ago we upgraded from 1.6.16 to 1.8.3. One issue that remains unresolved is that our users' previous IP addresses did not copy over. If I understand correctly, this is due to a change in format from IPv4 to IPv6.

So, second best, I thought we could do a data dump of the IP addresses from our 1.6 database to keep on my computer to check those IPs when needed. But, I need some help to figure out where they are all stored in the database so I can provide specific directions to the person who will actually create the .csv files for me.

In the mybb_users table I see lastip and regip. But, where are all of the other IP addresses stored in the 1.6 database that I can view on the ACP>U&G>Options>Show IP Addresses ( Does it just pull from each table where an 'ip' or 'ipaddress' is stored (mybb_adminlog, mybb_adminsessions, mybb_maillogs, mybb_moderatorlog, mybb_posts, mybb_privatemessages, mybb_searchlog, mybb_sessions, mybb_threadratings)?

Thank you for your help.
You can view exactly what queries are run on each page by adding &debug=1 to the url. Note that you need ACP access to use this feature.
Thank you. Exactly what I needed!